Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in India

Best Luxury Hotels & Resorts in India

India is an incredible country. It offers a wide array of travel experiences. You can get pleasure from all seasons across different areas of India. From the cold of the Himalayas to the heat of Jaipur, everything is mesmerizing. Beauty is such an alluring thing that you will mesmerize ever. The culture, landscapes, and the people. While traveling what you need to be perfectly sure about is the staying place.

Although there are million so hotels and resorts in India

if you are planning for an experimental holiday with best Luxury hotel packages in India, then you need to look deeper.

More than Hotels

With the rise of globalization, traveling has also emerged as an industry and vocation. You can now earn millions while traveling. Even if you are the CEO of the company, you can do work from home while enjoying the serenity and vibe of great hotels. These are experimental holidays where you combine fun and work.

These are Not Mere Hotels,

you get luxury accommodation, activities, and the ability to do your work in a place that is just according to your needs.

Great food, facilities, easy connectivity across major cities, what more do you need from your hotel or resorts? Some people even use them for working and completing their assignments. Some see them as temporary homes due to the incredible facilities they provide. Safe and luxurious, these homes are royal and authentic in their travel-friendly vibe.

Let’s have a look at the best luxury hotels & resorts in India

Alwar’s Amanbagh, Ajabgarh (Rajasthan)

You can find many beautifully decorated five-star hotel in Amanbagh with eucalyptus, palm, and fruit trees. It was once the staging area for royal hunts and offers the ideal space to explore Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage with exquisitely designed swimming pools & Haveli suites. Furthermore, all modern amenities along with class-leading accommodation options that include non-smoking rooms, are also provided. The nearby attractions include the Bhangarh Fort.

Pali’s Raas Chhatrasagar (Rajasthan)

The RaasChhatrasagar is truly a magical place that offers the most beautiful & luxurious tents. The tents overlook a gorgeous lake that’s full of seasonal birds with many grasslands on all sides, showcasing diverse wildlife. It’s truly a breathtaking sight at the heart of rural Rajasthan. Modern amenities include bars, lounges, spas, free internet, parking, and so on. 

Wayanad’s Mountain Shadows (Kerala)

Located in Wayanad, Kerala, the Mountain Shadows Resort is a premium resort that offers a full 360-degree view of the Backwaters of Kerala. Some of the nearby attractions include the Meenmutty Falls, Western Ghats, and the Banasura Hills. The resort offers a wide range of 51 eco-luxury cottages, suites, and pool cottages to choose from. You can find yoga, indoor games, and a library in all modern amenities. Moreover, the dining experience promotes organic & fresh ingredients.

Pune’s Atmantan Wellness Retreat (Maharashtra)

The Atmantan Wellness Retreat is one of the most beautiful luxury wellness resorts in Pune, designed to transform the human soul, mind, and body. The resort spreads across 42 acres of space that overlooks the Mulshi Lake in Pune. It has exquisite facilities that include a wellness facility spanning across 60,000 sqft, 106 rooms, and three food & beverage venues. You can get all modern amenities here. 

Jodhpur’s UmaidBhawan Palace

Who doesn’t want to live in a palace? And Rajasthan is famous for its royal palaces. Imagine living in one of them with all the modern facilities. Umaid Bhawan Palace is a grand hotel cum resort where you 64-guestroom Indo-art deco marvel treats. It is similar to Taj in its hospitality.

Royal food, dining options, and retail therapy are also provided. You get lush English gardens with incredible flowers for your rejuvenation. The on-site museum is a grand delight, brandy, snooker, and spa. It stands in the list of the world’s most magnificent castle hotels.


So these are some of the best Luxury hotels & resorts in India where you can unwind and enjoy your traveling life. Incredible beauty lies in the heartland of India. These hotels are proof of that. Travel is a luxury but accommodation is not. You will experience the royal experience through these hotels and resorts.

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