Closing security holes in the house for better peace of mind

While a crime-free society would be ideal. The truth is that thousands of Australian houses are broken into each year. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most current national crime statistics, 238,100 houses had a break-in in the 2021-22 financial year1, with significant vacation times. Such as school holidays, being a great time for burglars to attack. Get the more related articles: ADT security system for business.

Property crimes, such as break-ins and theft, are almost always opportunistic. While advances in home security equipment and real-time monitoring capabilities have made it simpler for property owners to effectively secure their assets. Doing a yearly home security self-audit may help further lessen the chances of a property attack. To narrow the gaps, take necessary measures to handle critical maintenance and enhance your security system.

Our recommendations for keeping your house safe and secure are as follows:

Conduct a self-audit of your home’s security

Breaking into your house is likely, to begin with, the route of least resistance. Therefore it’s critical to identify any weak places. Look around your property, both inside and out, for any spots that might jeopardize the security of your houses. Such as damaged fences, gate latches, and window locks. Examine any dark spots, low bushes, or overhanging tree branches that might lead to an unsecured window. Check sheds, garages, and laundry doors these locations are sometimes ignore. More visibility and safety achieve by strategically placing outside sensor lights and cutting back overgrown plants and branches.

Make improvements to your security system

The most advanced and dependable home security system is one that monitor 24 hours a day. Seven days a week by industry pros and tailored to your specific house and lifestyle requirements. If your security system is more than a few years old. It’s time to update so you can take advantage of intelligent technology and features that can take your home protection to the next level. The qualified specialists at ADT Security will offer system improvements, including sensor technologies, to improve your home’s protective measures. Additional sensors and devices that detect pressure or movement. Such as window sensors, shatter glass detectors, and infrared-frequency motion sensors, readily add to an ADT Security system.

Make the switch to mobile

You may go home with confidence knowing that you can watch your house via live-streaming cameras and monitor your valuables and loved ones from anywhere you are by connecting your home security system to a mobile phone using the ADT App. This might help you relax if you’re scared you forgot to switch on the security system before leaving home, or it can give you peace of mind if you’re going to be away from home for a lengthy amount of time. The ADT Mobile App gives you total control over your security system, including the ability to activate and disarm it remotely and switch appliances on and off to conserve energy.

Install surveillance cameras

Live streaming cameras are perfect for monitoring numerous places around the house and may serve as a powerful deterrent to would-be burglars. View individuals entering and departing from your houses. Such as tradesmen or cleaners, with ADT Security wi-fi cameras, and keep a watch on online shopping packages that arrive. Indoor video monitoring may also be utilized as a pet or baby monitor, with users seeing a live stream from their phone, tablet, or computer. You may also configure predetermined settings remotely to monitor the entrance and leave into your house. As well as converse with individuals through a two-way communication system.

Invest in home automation

While a well-rounded security system involves many parts, such as 24/7 back-to-base monitoring. Integrating your ADT security system with innovative home automation features and technologies with AI capabilities that complement your household’s lifestyle and routine is an excellent place to start. For example, utilizing smart switches linked to your ADT home security system to configure lights to turn on and off at certain times might assist create the idea that the house is inhabited while you’re away. The ADT mobile App may also provide geo features like automatically adjusting your lighting depending on your device’s location or alerting you to set the alarm remotely.

In the end, safeguarding your house is about adopting more innovative security rather than more extensive security. The correct home security system, suited to your house and family’s specific requirements, can automatically safeguard your property while also allowing you to monitor and manage everything from afar for total peace of mind.

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