Elaborating Exquisite points of the Belkin N300 wifi extender

 The Belkin N300 wifi extender is a device that extends your existing wifi network range and provides a network range up to  5000 square feet away. If you want to operate your wifi network range a few meters away, but your router does not support extending your range. Meanwhile, the extender is the best choice that extends your wifi network range. The tremendous quality of the extender is it could be connect with any router and also work with your smartphones, Tablets. This extender works with both wireless N and wireless G technology.  The Belkin N300 extender gives 300Mbps for data transfer.

The size of the Belkin extender has a tiny size that could be conveniently fix anywhere and its dimensions are 2.4x 2.4 x 2.08 inches. The installation of the extender is so easy, just plug the extender into the wall outlet.   

Technical specifications of the Belkin wifi extender

The Belkin extender has dual-band technology that provides 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency. 2.4 GHz frequency of the network gives you a low network range and vice versa 5 GHz provides a high range of network. Therefore, if you want to stream videos games. And other activities that require a high frequency of network, you can go with 5 GHz.Moreover, this extender could work with wireless N and G technology. At the time of the belkin n300 wifi range extender setup you can see this technology. Provided 802.11 n and 802.11g network standards that allow connecting any networking devices with the router. Its dual antennas provide the best network range of wi-fi without any hindrance.

The setup procedure of the Belkin extender

The belkin n300 wifi range extender setup is very easy and does not consume much time. You should follow these steps to set up the extender:

Firstly, plug the Belkin wifi extender into the socket. Then, go to your device’s screen like a computer, laptop, and smartphone that you want to connect with the extender. Meanwhile, check the wifi list of your connected device and click on the Belkin. setup. Afterward, go to your web browser and type belkin.range or IP address. Next, select your primary network and connect it to your wifi network.

Then, configure the Belkin extender with a 2.4 GHz frequency and set a name and password for it, click on save and create an extended network. After doing this, again repeat this same process with a 5 GHz frequency. Now extender is ready to extend your wifi network range.

Remarkable features of the Belkin N300 extender

The Belkin N300 is a wireless extender that can be connect through Wifi Protected Setup( WPS). This extender can also connect with your smartphones, laptops, and tablets enhancing the usage value of the extender. Moreover, this extender provides a special feature that protects your wifi network from intruders. With the help of the Belkin extender, you can enjoy unlimited streaming and surfing without any dead spots. You can also enjoy its extended wifi network range at any location of your home. The belkin n300 wifi range extender installation consumes less time, even a layman can install it. There is no need for any professional for its installation process which saves money.

Size of the Belkin N300 extender

The Belkin N300 wifi extender is designed in a way that can be adjusted. In any little space of your home, offices, and anywhere. It does not block the other plug like other extenders, so you can use the other plug at your convenience. Its compact size attracts the customers to buy, along with its high network range. It has two antennas that access the wifi network range to your connected device. And you can change the position of the antennas at the time of network issue. 


The Belkin extender is the latest version that can be connect to your smartphones, tablets. It gives a wide network range to your connected devices without any network hindrances. Its amazing fact is that it can work with both wireless N and G technology, which means this extender operates with any router. Moreover, the Belkin extender extends the wifi network range around 5000 square feet away. So you can enjoy your wifi network range and operate streaming videos, games and enjoy unlimited wifi network range benefits. It is better than a router. Because the router covers more space, consumes more time to install. And there is a need for an ethernet cable for connecting the router.     

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