Which Greek island is the best for a honeymoon?

Getting married? First of all, congratulations and all the best to you. There is plenty to arrange and plan for the big day, and afterwards, you’ll want to disappear from the map to enjoy each other. That’s right, we’re talking about a honeymoon. And one of the most romantic countries for a newlyweds’ escape is Greece. 

Greece is not only the cradle of civilization, with a dizzying heritage of archaeological treasures, it is also a country of spectacular landscapes and seascapes. The turquoise and deep blue colors of the sea, the whitewashed houses, and the pink bougainvillea all combine to create the most photogenic scenes. Add to this one of the world’s most delicious cuisines, and it’s hard to resist Greece as a honeymoon destination.

For that romantic end-of-the-world feeling, combine the pleasures of Greece with the privacy and exclusivity of its islands. With its thousands of islands and islets, you are spoilt for choice in Greece, and we can totally understand if you can’t see the forest for the trees.

So why not let us guide you to the perfect Greek island for your honeymoon? 


At just 25 square kilometres, Paxos is one of the smaller islands on this list. And unlike the others, it is situated west of the Greek mainland, in the Ionian Sea. As Paxos has no airport, it can only be accessed by ferry. Paxos is Corfu’s smaller brother, but it’s just as green and a lot more peaceful. Here, you can hike among olive groves to hidden beaches, try the best Greek dishes you can find anywhere, stay in traditional stone villas, and generally relax. Also, Paxos has a surprise in store: Antipaxos. A short taxi boat ride from Paxos, Antipaxos has the most beautiful turquoise waters this side of the Caribbean. Lying on its white sands, you will realize: “This is the best Greek honeymoon I could have wished for.”


Santorini is as close to magic as Greek islands come. The dramatic caldera cliffs have whitewashed houses and blue-domes churches clinging to them. At the end of each day, people gather to watch the sun go down, and actually applaud when it does. With opulent resorts, Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury boutiques, and private sailing tours, there are plenty of facilities on this island to make you feel special. 


Mykonos is the quintessential Greek island. It has white houses, narrow alleys, pink flowers, and deep blue waters that Greece is so famous for. Everywhere you turn in the island’s capital, you will want to take photos: from the colorful fishermen’s houses to the church of Paraportiani to the windmills at sunset. But you are not alone – Mykonos is popular with honeymooners, partygoers, and jet setters alike. This creates a very cosmopolitan atmosphere that is reminiscent of Ibiza or Hvar.

A visit to Mykonos is more than a photo safari; it can be a delight to the senses. There are lots of activities to enjoy together, ranging from a simple scooter ride to the island’s interior, to cooking classes, and jeep safaris. A visit to the nearby, sacred island of Delos is highly recommended.


Just like Santorini and Mykonos, Milos forms part of the Cyclades archipelago. This group of island is known for its wild and arid landscapes, whitewashed cubic houses, and crystal clear sea. Milos is not only the island where the Venus de Milo statue was discovered, but it is also famous for its colorful beaches, varying from black sand to white pebbles, all lined by crystal-clear waters in all shades of blue and green. Enjoy the hot springs, spectacular sunsets, and traditional cuisine on an island that is truly blissful.


Spetses is less than two hours by ferry from Athens. With it’s pine-clad hills, lemon trees, and salty sea breezes, this place is known as the island of aromas. Add to this the virtual absence of motorised vehicles, and the scene is set for a romantic getaway. The old port, lined with classical, neoclassical and modern buildings, offers peaceful strolls. And at dinnertime, feast on the catch of the day at one of the fabulous traditional tavernas in town. An absolute highlight of Spetses is a little sandy beach inside a cave. You’ll have to swim to get there, but this type of unique experience is what makes your honeymoon extra special.


Crete is Greece’s largest island, which means you get a great variety of landscapes here. Of course, there are the beachside tavernas, overlooking aquamarine waters. There are high mountains with challenging hiking trails, mysterious monasteries, and magnificent Venetian architecture in towns like Chania. Celebrate your love on the pink sandy beach of Elafonisi, or embark on a sunset sailing trip. Crete has something for every couple.

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