Dubai: an interesting option for luxury tourism

Today Dubai is in fashion , something that the Arabs themselves set out to do some time ago: to turn their land into a luxury tourist destination. Create a desert city and make it shine with feats of modern engineering. OK, they have conquered us, but what can we do for four days in Dubai ?

Dubai, the queen of the Middle East

Dubai is an emirate that makes up, together with six others, the United Arab Emirates. Naturally it existed before oil, people around here were more into the pearl trade. But it wasn’t until its occupation by the British that it had a place in Western interests.

Dubai is a constitutional monarchy and despite being an oil country, finances are the ones that generated the most income in its economy. And truth be told, if it weren’t for its urban skyline we wouldn’t be talking about Dubai right now.

The desert safari 

Go out a little and do the most classic day trip to the desert safari in a 4 × 4 truck . The van picks you up at your hotel and takes you by caravan to the dunes. Many of them very high, which are only 20 minutes from downtown. You also spend time in an Arab camp in the middle of the desert. You can dance or ride a camel, be painted with henna or eat delicious food.

In Dubai you can also cruise cars in Dubai deserts, as there are great roads all over in Dubai. You can rent Ferrari Dubai at very reasonable rates as compared to other European countries.

The famous and little-known Dubai has been developing several projects focused on exploiting the national natural resources. With the aim of increasing international tourism in its area. As you can see, the walk takes you all day and you arrive exhausted to do something else.

An exciting way to experience the spectacular aerial views of Dubai is to soar above the city by helicopter, seaplane or hot air balloon. Aboard any of them the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf become a dramatic backdrop for the modern urban design of the city. Don’t forget to take a refreshing swim on one of Dubai’s beaches, which offer respite from the sweltering temperatures. Which can exceed 45 degrees Celsius during the summer months, May to September. 

Development Plans

It is known that on an average dating back 20 years, the exotic Dubai, has been designed and devising several plans and projects that promote luxury tourism in their locations. So they have already implemented various aspects, most of the “Infrastructure” type, which means that natural resources already have them. But However, what they still lack for the most part is channels that connect these resources with tourism. Channels that favor each of the aspects sought by the most sought-after travelers in this branch that few of us can access due to their high costs. Another aspect, in which Dubai has begun to intervene is on the political side. For which there are already greater controls and regulations in the politics of the Emirate. Democracy has practically been eradicated until it almost reaches its zero point.

So for the moment, several years will still have to pass, for this minimalist conservatism to expire. The doors to free tourism can be opened, which seeks nothing more than to know and of course the same fun and experience of living a totally world different. But yes, without risks that compromise their physical integrity.

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