All About The Desert Safari Dubai Night Shows

The night in desert safari offers you to explore the charm of the desert by sitting on a jeep and driving through it accompanied by music and dance. It seems like you are exploring the mysterious world of dunes.

Even a camel ride will offer you an opportunity to touch this animal that helped us discover deserts. Furthermore, numerous other activities are available, including belly dancing, henna painting, etc. Let’s have a look below:

Desert Safari Night Shows

The whole idea is to show you the charm of the desert. It has been done rather beautifully by organizing colorful and lively shows in the sands of the desert at night. The beautiful stars, bright moon on one side and lights from various campfires on other side give a very fantastic view. There are activities for everyone who can make a group and enjoys life.

Belly dancing                 

The people of Dubai have a specific taste for belly dance, and it is this dance that can be enjoyed at its best on the Night Desert Safari Dubai. There are different colors and flavors of belly dances, mainly performed by women from the Middle East region. This exotic performance can turn your average day into a magical evening filled with entertainment and adventure.

For those who want to perform belly dance moves, there is even an opportunity for that! The performances end only when the dancer gets tired after moving her hips continuously over a period of one hour or more, depending on how energetic she feels!

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Fire show

When the fire show starts, the black desert sand gets transformed into different colors. The show is made more interesting by throwing in various shapes, designs, and patterns with the help of burning gas. If you are close to the performer, then you may get a smoky feel, but that is a scene for you to enjoy the show even better!

Camel riding

The moment you enter the desert safari arena, one of the first stops would be camel riding. The camels are decorated with glowing lights, and they add an aura of joy and liveliness to this whole night scene.

Each rider gets their particular camel which they ride on and explore the beauty of Desert Safari Dubai. If you’re lucky enough, then maybe your camel may not leave you stranded in between and take off without you!

Golden Mile

As night falls over Dubai, its landscape changes dramatically, bringing an essence of romance. You can take part in camel rides or even enjoy belly dancing shows that are performed at the golden mile, which is just perfect for an evening desert joyride along with your beloved.

There are many other activities that you can do, like hire dune buggies, have barbeque dinner over roasted lamb leg, etc., which will make your night darker yet happier.

Cultural Show

Various other activities include tribal dance, henna painting, etc. These shows will make your experience richer as you get to know more about the culture of Dubai and its people. The rich cultural heritage is evident in each activity performed by dancers on three stages at one place!

Tanura Dance

The wonderful Tanura dance is hard to miss when visiting Desert Safari Dubai. A Bedouin dance reflects the life and culture of the Bedouin people as opposed to the urban lifestyle of big cities.

Tanura dance is performed by men who wear a white ankle-length robe called “thawb,” almost similar to the dishdasha but without any embroidered patterns. Men also wear headbands with an Arabic inscription called “agal,” which holds the ghutra together.

They move their bodies and heads rhythmically and spin around while holding their arms up. The dance is accompanied by a song created through the special structure of the words and connected beat.

About The Organizers & Your Experience

The organizers are very professional and have trained dancers who know their job well. They also have a wide choice of food and drinks which you can enjoy with your friends.

It is impossible to be disappointed by the hospitality of the hosts as they make you feel welcomed from the moment you reach there till the time you leave. In short, these shows were created to offer maximum pleasure at the minimum cost. The campsite is very organized and clean plus it is decorated in such a way that we feel we are sitting in our own house. There is even parking space available, so our vehicles stay safe overnight. The staff has been very cooperative and ensures that we fully enjoy our Desert Safari Dubai.

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