Useful Troubleshooting Guide for Kodak Step Wireless Printer

The Kodak Step wireless printer is a device that prints pictures instantly. It connects with your mobile having Android or iOS OS with NFC and Bluetooth function. Get rid of installing the ink cartridges. The Zink zero ink innovation feature annihilates the requirement of ink cartridges, ribbons, and toners. The sticky print picture embed from the printer is detailed, affordable, durable, and high quality. These pictures are waterproof and can tackle ribs, tears, moisture, etc. with an overcoating layer. The Kodak app allows you to edit the pictures by adding borders, filters, text, flip. Rotate, crop, and much more. Also, it can print pictures from your camera roll within 60 seconds. 

The lightweight and compact printer enables the device to pack up devices even in bags and pockets. It is mainly design for crafters as well as for photo influencers. The inbuilt lithium-ion battery on its back is apt to print 25 vibrant color pictures on a full charge. The maximum pee speed for black and color pictures is one minute. The setup takes only two to three minutes. Now we are going to tell you the procedure to install the Kodak Step printer.

Kodak Step Wireless Printer Installation

Open the Kodak printer package box and take out all the necessary things. Understand the user guide and follow the instructions as mentioned in it. Here are the steps that should be follow for the Kodak printer installation.

Ensure that the Kodak printer is fully charged before going to set it up. Firstly, load the papers on the Kodak app. Open the paper tray Put the Kodak Zink photo paper Assure that the paper you inserted is at the bottom. Now close the paper tray. Secondly, push and force down the power button. You will notice that the light turns on by itself. That indicates the device is on. The next step is to download the Kodak Step app for Android or iOS. The alternate way to download the app is by scanning the QR code. Turn on your Kodak printer by pushing the power button for around four to six seconds. Now on your mobile device, visit the Bluetooth option and turn it on. Tap on the Kodak when it appears to connect. Open the app and start editing. The troubleshooting steps for Kodak are as follows.

Kodak Step Wireless Printer Troubleshooting

The Kodak printer troubleshooting steps are as follows.

If the door latch is not closed, the paper tray may be open. Assure that it is close perfectly.

If you are seeing the red indicator bar on the step printer or out-of-paper messages, then it is suggest to add more papers to the tray. After loading papers, click OK. Sometimes, the paper may get stuck while printing. In that case, open the paper tray and take out the jammed paper slightly. Now place the paper again and hit OK on the screen. You will be forward to the interface where you had to select the print command. Hit the print symbol again. If it is not printing still, then power off the printer and start again to check whether it is printing perfectly or not. 

Check Bluetooth Connection

Other than the above, the Bluetooth connection problem may also arise. The Kodak Step printer troubleshooting guide is as follows. When you see the Bluetooth connection lost message, then the printer might not be in the Bluetooth range. Confirm the Bluetooth connection on both the printer and the mobile phone. Move closer and let the mobile phone detect Bluetooth. If the memory becomes full, you can insert the SD card into the slot and press OK. You can delete the pictures to free up space. Reset the printer by holding the power button for four to five seconds. Resetting the printer will swap all the customized settings to a factory one.


I purchased this device last year. It has been a month since I started using this device. I grabbed the deal on the new year’s sale on Amazon. It can print pictures upto 25 in a single charge. A very useful device to capture and print every moment on the go. You can add borders, filters, text, flip. Rotate, crop, and much more. Overall. A perfect printer at this price point. I must commend the users looking to grab the deal and can go without any regret. 

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