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ew Marketing Updates You Need To Know

Check Out These New Social Media Updates

Can you believe that it’s already November?!

October flew by in a flash and it didn’t leave us with a plethora of buy twitter followers uk updates on marketing!

There’s been a lot of change that has transpired over the past month.

In this article we’ll bring you up to speed just in time for Christmas with the most current marketing news that you should be aware of.

There are several updates that we’ll be pushing through today, so let’s get right into it!

7 New Marketing Updates You Need To Know About

Facebook Reels

Schedule Lives on Instagram

Instagram’s status on its account

Instagram’s brand-name content partnerships

The combination of IGTVs with feed videos in one format

Instagram only suggests 3 hashtags

Testing of ads in tweet conversations

Update #1: Facebook Reels

The first of our list of brand new marketing updates might not shock you.

Instagram Reels was launched in the year before If you’re not aware of what they are, make sure to read our detailed blog post on that.

The change is that you are now able to view and interact via Instagram Reels on your Facebook news feed.

Facebook declares:

“With the capability to build reels and have their Instagram reels suggested to others on Facebook Creators…

…whether the users are just beginning their journey or have a huge followingwill have many more avenues to be themselves, build their networks and expand audience.

Reels available on Facebook may include audio, music, effects and much more.

They can be found in the News Feed and in Groups. You can also find them when you view reels via Facebook…

…you are able to follow easily the creator’s journey directly from the video, and then like and leave a comment, or share it with others.”

Thus, you’re able to be able to share reels from Instagram to Facebook and build reels directly in Facebook.

This allows your Instagram the potential exposure of these two social media platforms This is vital for companies trying to expand and increase brand recognition.

Furthermore, Facebook continues in their plan for investing $1 billion into creators beginning in 2022…

“offering a brand new bonus program that will help creators earn money from watching the reels.

Reels Play is a Reels Play bonus pays eligible creators based on the results of their reels. The bonus it will be accessible on Facebook as well as Instagram.”

If you are interested in this program to earn a little extra cash, head to for more info on Facebook.

If you’re using Instagram go to the Bonuses section in your Instagram application.

In terms of making reels on Facebook We expect that the functions to be similar to what they do on Instagram.

Update #2: Schedule Lives on Instagram

The second item on our list of the latest marketing announcements will likely make those who love creating Lives quite thrilled.

Instagram claims,

“you can now plan your life by posting a feed for up to 90 days ahead. Viewers can subscribe to alerts and reminders to stay tuned into .”

In your live camera, you will be able to see a calendar button you can click for adding:

  • A title,
  • an opening time, and
  • any product tags

…and after that, you can make it a post.

Additionally, you’ll be able to advertise your live events by using a brand fresh Stories stickers.

If you do Lives often, be sure to be on the lookout for these features in your Instagram application.

Change #3 to Instagram’s status

Before we move on to the next item on our list of upcoming marketing news…

…be sure to look into our latest social media ads training course if you’re looking to master the art of social media advertising.

The new Instagram account status is: Instagram declares:

“will provide you with greater insight into the ways that our community guidelines affect the account you have created.

This tool will help you discover what you can publish on Instagram and how you can do if your content violates the guidelines of Instagram.”

The most important thing to take away of this change is when your post is removed and you don’t agree with Instagram’s decision or believe it was an error on Instagram’s behalf…

…this provides you with the ability to make a more precise appeal.

Instagram has done all sorts of censoring in the last few years.

And as a result we’ve seen plenty of posts flagged, which aren’t really warranted to be flagged.

So , this is Instagram’s way to give us a live check on the status for our profiles and our postings.

update #4: Instagram’s brand-branded content partnerships

This feature isn’t completely rolled out.

However, they are now testing new partnerships that let creators collaborate and connect directly on Instagram.

It’s clear that they’ve offered us an early glimpse of the features they’ll appear like in the following.

The emphasis will be on finding ways to help brands discover people who are suited to their needs and reverse.

It also gives creators a more smooth, simplified means of communicating during collaborations, with a separate area for messages about partnerships.

It’s one of the latest marketing enhancements that are under test…

…but is something to be aware of for the future in case you are working with influencers.

Update #5 Mixing IGTVs with feeds videos in one format

If you use Instagram for business frequently it is likely that you have observed this change.

If you click on the feed-based video it’ll expand to the full-screen format instead of remaining in the square format.

Also, you can rewind, pause or skip forward in the past, but this was previously only possible using IGTVs.

Once you’ve uploaded your video, you’ll be able to add filters and/or cut the length of your video.

What was an IGTV logo on your account…

…has changed now to this icon for the play button to save all of your IGTVs and feed videos all in one place.

Instagram promises that this change will allow users to create and find video content on Instagram.

6th Update: Instagram only recommends using three to five hashtags

The next one on our list of brand new marketing updates, it’s safe to say it came as an unexpected surprise to all entrepreneurs and business owners.

This is particularly applicable to users who have used the most of all buy 500 twitter followers uk 30 hashtags on their posts up to date in order to get the most reach.

However, Instagram stated that “adding 10-20 hashtags will not help to get additional reach.”

Many of their other hashtags’ do’s and don’ts, these are the things we already know:

  • Make use of hashtags that relate to your followers and your content.
  • Do not use generic hashtags just to make them more accessible.

However, their suggestion to utilize 3-5 hashtags is newsworthy. It’s definitely worth trying out!

If you’re interested in learning more about the use of hashtags on Instagram and other social media platforms, you can read this article after this.

7.7 Update Twitter tests ads in tweet chats

Adweek stated,

“Revenue product director Bruce Falck said in a tweet on Thursday that Twitter will start testing a brand new format for ads within chats…

…adding it is a condition that tests will be globally but only for Android or iOS.”

These ads will be displayed following the first, third or eighth response.

If you are running Twitter advertising, this location is something you should think about after the testing is completed because it could boost your conversion rate for less expense!

That wraps up the marketing news for October 2021!

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