Kedarnatha Trek: A Detailed Travel Guide

One of the most fascinating peaks in mountains is Kedarnatha which is located in the Uttrakhand state at an elevation of 12,500 feet. Popular for the stunning views from this peak and the Kedarnatha temple for the divine aura. The trek itself is situated in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary of Uttarakhand that’s why you will pass through a dense forest which will make the journey memorable. Apart from the Kedarnatha peak, you will also witness many other peaks in the same vicinity. Here in this article, we will see the complete guide for the Kedarnatha trek.

Day – 1 Start of the trek

Kedarnatha trek will start from the village Sankri however many travel agencies consider that the first checkpoint is at Dehradun. So, if you start your journey from Dehradun first you need to reach Sankri village it will be almost 190km away from Dehradun. You can easily get a bus or taxi service from here.

Day 2 – Juda da Talab

After reaching Sankri on the second day of the trek you get a little bit of relaxation as further, we have to travel a lot. This will be your basecamp for the Kedarnatha trek. From here just 4 km away is the Juda Da Talab lake which is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Where you can spend a little bit of your solitude time in nature.

Day 3 – Towards Kedarnatha Base Camp

After visiting the scenic beauty of Juda Da Talab now you can head towards Kedarnatha Base camp. The distance to travel is just 2km towards basecamp. Take a halt here at the campsite and enjoy the night under the stars. If you are traveling in the winter season then you will find some snow in between the path. After this, the trek is going to be a little hectic as we are climbing towards the Kedarnatha peak.

Day 4 – Kedarnatha Peak

Early in the morning start towards Kedarnatha peak so that you will reach before sunrise at Kedarnatha Peak. The distance you are going to travel is around 4 to 5 km to reach Kedarnatha peak and this is going to be a little bit hectic. If traveling in the wintertime you need to be extra cautious as you will be walking through 3 to 4 feet deep in snow. You can come back to the Kedarnatha base camp after watching the sunrise and get relaxed at the campsite.

Day 5 – Head back to Sankri

Now it’s time to get back towards Sankri village now it’s up to you, that you want to explore this tiny hamlet or to get straight to Dehradun for your further journey.

Kedarnatha Trek Route

There are a total of three ways to reach the Kedarnatha peak but out of them the route connected to Sankri-Juda da Latab- Kedarnatha is the most popular one. All three routes are as follows,

Route 1- Sankri—Juda Ka Talab—Kedarnatha Bae camp—Kedarnatha Peak

Route 2 – Kotgaon—Khujeya—Kedarnath Base Camp—Kedarnatha Peak

Route 3- Gaichawan Village—Julota—Pukrola—Kedarnatha Peak

Best Time For Kedarnatha Trek

Kedarnatha trek is one of those treks which can be done throughout the year. In every season you will find unique beauty all over the year. But if possible do avoid planning the Kedarnatha trek during the monsoon season however the beauty is at its peak it’s equally dangerous too due to several landslides in the Himalayan region.

Kedarnatha trek is very famous during the winter season treks, as the weather is extreme but the white beauty of the Himalaya is worth visiting. That’s why it is one of the Best treks in winter.

In the summer season and the daytime, the weather is very comfortable but at night it will get cold and windy. Also, nature is in full bloom with a wide variety of flora and fauna on the way to the Kedarnatha trek.

Temerature of Kedarnatha

In the Summer Season 

April to June Month – Max approx 25°C /Min Approx 5-8°C

In the Monsoon Season 

July to September Month – Max approx 20°C /Min Approx 3-5°C

In the Winter Season

October to February Month – Max approx 10°C /Min Approx -20°C and less

Tips for Kedarnatha Trek – Must-Have Following Things With You

  1. Identity card 
  2. Winter essentials
  3. Plenty of water
  4. Power-packed and nutritional packet food
  5. Raincoat
  6. Camping gear if possible
  7. Good pair of tracking shoes
  8. First aid kit

By keeping in mind all these essentials and getting ready with good fitness one can easily plan the Kedarnath trek. After reaching you will feel that contentment and satisfaction being at the top of Kedarnatha’s peak.

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