How to solve the WLAN issue on a printer?

Printer devices are getting smarter and fast. Now you can easily print hundreds of pages. You can connect the printer device to any system and take the printouts. For phone devices, you can easily connect to the printer device using Wi-Fi. You can add the printer on WLAN and then share it with several systems. But few users reported that the printer is not working on WLAN.

Common reasons behind printer WLAN connection error

  1. Your printer is not configured correctly
  2. The printer driver is showing an error
  3. WLAN is not working correctly
  4. The printer is outside the Wi-Fi range
  5. The firewall is restricting the connection
  6. Printer files are not working

Troubleshooting printer WLAN connection error

Restart the printer

When the printer is showing you the connection error, you should try to restart it. Many of the printer issues can get resolved with a power restart. When the printer is ON, check the power cord and eject it. When you reconnect the cable, the printer must restart automatically. All the printer services will run from the beginning. Now start searching for the WLAN network and try to connect your printer device.

Check the printer Wi-Fi settings

When the Brother printer stuck on connecting WLAN; try to check the settings. You can face a connection error when the settings are not according to the WLAN connection. Open your printer device and tap on the Menu button. Use the arrow keys and select network settings. Choose Wireless connection and hit on Network. Use the arrow keys and select the WLAN. Tap on the OK button and enable the Wi-Fi button. Your printer device will start searching the network. Check the printer screen and you will see the list of available networks. Scroll and select the correct network. After connection, take a network printout. Sometimes the printer may get connected to any open network and start showing the printer error. Get the network printout and it will show all the network details. When the connection is established correctly then you can take the printouts.

Check your WLAN connection

Connection errors can occur due to errors in the WLAN connection. Sometimes the user creates several restrictions on the WLAN connection and your Brother printer can’t access it. Your printer won’t work until you fix the settings. Check the router settings and WPS pin. Restart the router and then check the WLAN settings. Make sure you haven’t restricted the connection for other devices. Also, keep the printer near the router. The printer won’t connect if the router is outside its range. Place the printer nearer and then try to connect it.

Check the printer device

Some users reported that the printer is connected to the router but they can access it. For connecting the printer, you have to add the device to the same network. After adding the device to WLAN, start searching for the printer device. Go to Add Device and choose your printer. Now you need the driver of your printer. Your printer will only receive the commands when your PC has a driver. Without the driver, the printer can’t communicate with it. Check the printer’s model name and number and search its driver on the web. Install the driver and then retry to create the printer WLAN connection.

Disable the firewall temporarily

Many times the printer can’t connect to the WLAN due to the firewall. The firewall inspects every incoming traffic and connection request. When the printer sends a connection request; the firewall suspects it is harmful and blocks it. Firewall often blocks requests for unknown devices. If your network is firewall-protected then disable it. Disable the personal or inbuilt firewall temporarily. Now go to the printer device and try to connect it. After the connection, take the printouts and then restart the firewall. You can add your printer as an exception in the firewall. Now the firewall won’t inspect your added printer while creating a connection. 

Reset the printer 

If the printer connection gets interrupted after making changes on settings then undo them. But the user often forgets the default printer settings. If you know the printer configuration then go for factory reset. Go to the printer menu and choose the Reset option. Select Factory reset and hit on the Confirm button. Now the printer has default factory settings. Reconfigure the printer device to the network. Add the printer to the PC again and then you can take the printouts. 

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