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Best places to purchase business property in Abu Dhabi

Assuming you are wanting to start a business in Abu Dhabi or put resources into business real estate. Observing the right area for that particular object is critical. The business real estate market in Abu Dhabi has a few choices for Apartment For Sale In Abu Dhabi, office space, stockrooms, retail locations, just as business plots. Because of how many choices, we have investigated the best regions. Individual buildings of the emirate and itemized where are ideal to purchase business real estate for your business. Read more Detroit

The benefits of purchasing business real estate in Abu Dhabi

In spite of that real estate, as a rule, is a significant resource and less presented to showcase changes. Expansion than protections, gold, or different resources, it enjoys a few upper hands over private real estate, in particular:

This sort of real estate has a restricted stock with genuine popularity. This is straightforwardly connected with the way that numerous worldwide organizations need an office, stockroom, cooperating space as well as corporate lofts.

Return for capital invested is a lot higher. The specific figures are harder to set up in light of the fact that everything relies straightforwardly upon the size of the unit/fabricating, its class (A, B, C), and area. However, as a general rule, the ROI can be twice higher contrasted with the private ROI. This is because of the much lower cost per 1 sq.ft.

The cost of capital is a lot higher and more noteworthy. Income created by the property/unit, the higher the cost of the actual resource.

The rent understanding is finished up for a more drawn-out timeframe. Generally for 3, 5 or more years, which permits the proprietor to shield themselves from a wide range of vacation and additionally regrettable market changes.

Well known regions to buy office spaces

The best places to purchase business real estate in Abu Dhabi incorporate Mussafah, Al Reem Island, and Mohammed Bin Zayed City. Al Reem Island is the most well-known spot to buy and lease business office spaces in the emirate. We arrange a choice of the best structures with workplaces available to be purchased around here.

Addax Port Office Tower

Addax Port Office Tower arranges in Addax Port and is a business tower with 68 stories. The Tower offers office spaces of different sizes. Formats with advanced plan perspectives on the Persian Gulf, just as arranged nurseries. Conveniences in the business building involve completely fitted storerooms. A colossal hall, high-velocity lifts, a cafeteria, security, and upkeep administrations just as cellar and platform parking spots. Costs for shell-and-center workplaces in Addax Port Office Tower fluctuate from AED 950,000 (USD 259,000) to AED 4,500,000 (USD 1,225,000), and range in regions from 1,527 sq.ft to 3,896 sq.ft. The price tag for a 1,732 sq.ft completely prepares office is AED 1,700,000 (USD 463,000).


Oceanscape is additionally a famous business expanding on Al Reem Island. The blended use improvement offers workplaces, retail spaces, and condos with superb ocean see. Conveniences of Oceanscape incorporate fast lifts, free stopping, valet, security, and upkeep administrations. The completely outfitted workplaces in the improvement likewise accompany one restroom. The expense of office spaces in the Oceanscape building goes from AED 500,000 (USD 136,000) to AED 950,000 (USD 259,000).

Sky Tower

Sky Tower was the most elevated structure in the Abu Dhabi emirate after its finish in 2010. Remaining at 961-ft with 74 stories. Parking spots are accessible in the storm cellar and outside the structure and Shams Boutik Mall. It has shops and eateries is arranged on the ground level of the Tower. Costs for shell-and-center workplaces in the improvement shift from AED 1.9M (USD 517K) to AED 4.7M (USD 1.2M). The base expense for completely fitted workplaces establishes AED 2M (USD 544K).

Well known regions to purchase distribution centers

Mussafah is the most well-known area for buying distribution centers in Abu Dhabi. Proprietors and inhabitants ensure an incredible foundation close by, a few passages focuses, and great streets. Also, the proprietors of distribution centers in the Mussafah region have quick and simple admittance to the ports and Abu Dhabi International Airport. Apartment Sale In Abu Dhabi is high near airport areas.

The covered region for storerooms in the space fluctuates from 42,800 sq.ft to 75,756 sq.ft. The value goes from AED 5M (USD 1.3M) to AED 16.5M (USD 4.5M). All distribution centers in the Mussafah region take care of stopping.

Famous regions for purchasing retail units

Oceanscape improvement on Al Reem Island is the most well-known region to purchase retail units in Abu Dhabi. The base covered area of accessible units in the Oceanscape complex is 279 sq. ft. Beginning cost comprises AED 250,000 (USD 68,000).

Al Raha Beach is one more sought-after area for purchasing a retail unit in Abu Dhabi. With in excess of 53 million sq.ft. of white sandy seashores, Al Raha Beach is popular among financial backers and travelers. The top area for purchasing a retail unit in Al Raha Beach is Al Raha Lofts. The beginning cost here is AED 2M (USD 544K).

Famous regions for purchasing business plots

Al Reem Island indeed turns into the best spot among any remaining regions to purchase business land in Abu Dhabi. The expense for business plots on Al Reem Island changes from AED 19M (USD 5M) to AED 36M (USD 9.8M). The covered area of land locales goes from 20,585 sq. ft. to 54,328 sq. ft.

Jokes Abu Dhabi is additionally a decent area inside the Al Reem Island region for purchasing business plots. The covers area of land locales here comprises 20,585 sq.ft – 26,909 sq.ft. while the base cost for business plots is AED 19M (USD 5M).

Other well-known locales to purchase business land is Mohamed Bin Zayed City and Al Shamkha.

Mohamed Bin Zayed City (MBZ City)

MBZ City is a great area for buying business plots and setting up a business. The region is limited by an organization of fundamental parkways and has advantageous admittance to Dubai. Adjoining areas of MBZ City incorporate Mussafah, Zayed City, Khalifa City, and Mafraq Industrial Area. Financial backers can browse various sizes and areas of business plots in the Mohamed Bin Zayed City region. The spans of plots change from 5,600 sq.ft. to 40,000 sq.ft. Costs for business land in MBZ City range from AED 3.5M (USD 953K) to AED 10M (USD 2.7M).

Al Shamkha

Al Shamkha has an essential area in closeness to regions like Madinat Al Riyad, Al Falah, and Al Matar (Abu Dhabi International Airport region). There are a few undertakings arrangeS in the Al Shamkha neighborhood.

The expense for business land plots in Al Shamkha goes from AED 1.1M (USD 300K) to AED 8.3M (USD 2.2M). The extents of plots change from 2,214 sq.ft. to 75,347 sq.ft.


The best places to purchase business property in Abu Dhabi incorporate Mussafah, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, and Al Reem Island.

Al Reem Island is the most sought-after spot to purchase and lease business office spaces in the emirate.

Business financial backers in Abu Dhabi like to buy stockrooms in the Mussafah region.

The best spot to purchase retail units in the emirate is the Oceanscape advancement on Al Reem Island.

Mohamed Bin Zayed City, Al Shamkha, and Al Reem Island are the most well-known regions for purchasing business plots in the emirate

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