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Clinical psychologist in Newcastle 

A clinical psychologist with specialized expertise in determining and treating mental illness, behavior, and chronic illness.

Dr Mariam Majid

I am Dr Mariam Majid. And I have a northern understanding of 20 years of working as a medical therapist in the NHS. In addition, I am a successful and licensed Cognitive-Behavioural (CBT) therapist and EMDR specialist working in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I work with people to help me see how their problems could have created. And are currently being maintained and following flexible ways to overcome these. I am aware of a wide range of psychological problems. And frustrating problems such as depression, summary discomfort, health problems, social fears, OCD. Overt fears, dementia, PTSD and traumatic stress, depression and misfortune.

My general goal is to help people overcome their challenges. Alleviate their grief and improve their daily function. So that they can begin to make positive and important changes in their lives.

I use a multidisciplinary approach, which combines different treatments to address and provide a customized personalized treatment program. That I trust will bring the best results. In addition, I am familiar with new forms of CBT such as Acceptance and Compassion Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) and Cognitive-Based Approaches to coping with complex situations.

Dr Mariam Majid in Newcastle more inclined to adhere to evidence-based psychotherapy. And adhere to the NICE Guidelines. In order to provide effective, efficient and, most importantly, limited behavior assistance.

Expert Information:

I have a specialist interest in trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). And have purchased more advanced to prepare for the treatment of constructive injuries. And communication in young people that continue to impact and disrupt adult communication.

I also work with couples and use social media. Such as Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT) to help differentiate, understand. And resolve irrational examples of how to make and communicate collaborative work.

My other story is supervision and consultation, I am a successful CBT manager, assisting other young and experienced therapists, and people who need to promote their professional CBT practice.

I provide professional and confidential assistance at a profitable site in Newcastle. Dr Mariam Majid ready to offer evening and weekend programs, from far away and eye to eye.

The Role of Clinical Psychologist:

Clinical psychologist in Newcastle do not recommend prescriptions for dementia Except in many places where they actually have that ability. Instead, they use psychotherapy. Such as behavioral psychotherapy (CBT) and psychotherapy.

Therapists usually have to complete a medical certificate (Ph.D. or then a Psy.D.) in a clinical brain scan. Before they can choose to see patients and use these methods. However, in some districts and territories, graduates are sufficient. In most districts and districts, an accredited board and specialist school govern specialist clinical trial trials.

Despite the referral of psychiatric treatment, analysts may test or evaluate, or educate.

Expert Skills of Medical Psychologists

Clinicians have many clear skills that they use in their work, including:

Conducting experiments and collecting information to improve clinical brain research understanding. Talking to a variety of other ethical and health professionals and organizations about cruelty, self-destruction, and extreme emotional trauma. To have a comprehensive knowledge of misconduct and how to analyze and manage it. Understanding the scope of emotional health problems and how they can occur at any stage in life.

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