Keys to good health marketing

Health marketing seeks to promote and increase the visibility of actions, advances, and campaigns related to medicine, self-care, and Public Health.

  • 1 Healthcare marketing What are we looking to achieve?
  • 2 Health Marketing What should be the starting point?
  • 3 How to get a good health marketing strategy?
  • 4 Put the focus on the patient
  • 5 Disseminate content of interest
  • 6 Have the support of health disseminators or influencers
  • 7 Include third parties in the marketing campaigns launched
  • 8 Know your competition
  • 9 Inbound Marketing How can it help you?
  • 10 Actions to improve SEO positioning

Health marketing What are we looking to achieve?

Its objective is to position health professionals and entities related to health, such as clinics, medical centers, research units, or pharmaceutical companies, as leaders in their field and experts in the health sector.

Highly credible figures whom society and the media can trust.

Healthcare Marketing What should be the starting point?

To carry out good health marketing, we must take the importance of new technologies and social networks as a starting point, the main meeting point for patients.

Thus, healthcare marketing agency must be digital marketing based on the presence of doctors and health entities in the main online communication channels.

How to get a good health marketing strategy?

Given the high competition in the health industry, we must create a good strategy and an optimal marketing plan.

To achieve this, in addition to having an agency specialized in health and with extensive experience in the digital field, we recommend you follow the following tips :

Put the focus on the patient :

  • Knowing the preferences and needs of patients is key to offering them content and services of interest. In addition, it identifies possible unmet needs, such as greater clinical communication with specialist doctors or the absence of truthful tools for self-diagnosis and exploration.
  • At the same time, you must address the patient with empathy and respect without losing sight of the fact that there are people behind disease or pathology who suffer its consequences. Therefore, with friendly language based on truthful key messages, we recommend having spokespersons with good communication skills. Doctors, nurses, and researchers know how to transmit confidence and security and remain in continuous contact with patients.

Disseminate content of interest

  • Turn to science outreach. Dissemination is the adaptation of medical and scientific content to a language accessible to all target audiences—an effective way of allowing access to scientific knowledge for the whole of society.
  • You can apply it to web pages, blogs, social networks, email marketing, audiovisual platforms, etc., and use attractive formats that attract attention, such as infographics and videos, which are essential in social media and with great potential. The ultimate goal is to help patients understand the characteristics of certain pathology and the new advances in its treatment and diagnosis.

Have the support of health disseminators or influencers

  • Lean on renowned promoters to reinforce the credibility of your messages. Followers of health influencers know their reputation and trust them to stay on top of the hottest topics in the health industry.
  • At the same time, having a health promoter in your marketing campaign will provide extra visibility and interaction to your actions.

Include third parties in the marketing campaigns launched

  • It is also important to have medical and scientific societies that endorse the content and support its dissemination, especially in the case of campaigns by pharmaceutical companies.
  • The creation of an alliance with different medical societies allows access to spokespersons with extensive qualifications and experience and facilitates the involvement of patients in the actions carried out. In addition, they are a key element to reinforce the credibility of the entities to be positioned.

Know your competition

  • The previous analysis of the messages of possible competitors and the actions they are carrying out will allow you to identify new opportunities. For patients and build a brand image that differentiates you from the rest.
  • In this sense, innovation in formats and content will be one of the main stimuli for your followers. You can look for new ideas for health events or interactive marketing campaigns on social media. With which to add value and encourage interaction with your followers.

Inbound Marketing How can it help you?

Inbound Marketing is currently the most widespread strategy among healthcare companies and institutions.

It is the context in which we must wrap all the proposed online actions to achieve greater engagement with patients.

It is a type of non-invasive marketing that seeks to offer users quality content and a pleasant browsing experience without trying to sell them anything directly.

This strategy requires a lot of time, but it does not require a large investment, as with other offline formats. However, at that time, we must seek answers to the needs and desires of patients.

As we already pointed out, they should be the center of any health marketing campaign. Moreover, these patients can be segmented based on different criteria to receive personalized messages. Therefore, its characteristics make Inbound Marketing the ideal tool for Health communication.

Actions to improve SEO positioning

Parallel to the marketing campaigns launched. It is always advisable to implement a series of online techniques to improve organic search engine positioning or SEO positioning.

There are two types of SEO:

  • On-Page: focuses on the relevance of the web. SEO On-Page actions guarantee that the website is optimized and that its content is quality and adds value to users. It covers keyword optimization, load time, code optimization, user experience, and URL formatting.
  • Off-Page: it is focused on external aspects of the web page. Mainly the quality and number of links, allusions to local media, social network positioning, or productivity of search results.

As we can see, digital marketing offers endless beneficial possibilities for the interest of a company or health entity. It allows for providing better service and immediate and clear information to patients.

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