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How to get detective Pikachu step by step.

How to get detective Pikachu step by step.

With this video and step-by-step drawing instructions, how to draw spy Pikachu with a pencil. Pikachu drawing is easy for beginners and everyone. You can guide to the straightforward step-by-step picture manual low.To draw it accurately and accurately, we should sketch with the following steps

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Step 1

Okay, guys, let’s go. Start with head and body shapes and then draw directions for the face, ears, and arms.

Step 2

Using the shape you just drew in the first step, go ahead and draw the original structure of Pikachu’s head shape. Be sure to combine the ear and add the apical tips to the top of the ear.

Step 3

Now you will spy on the hats that Pakacho wears, and believe it or not, and these hats have names. They are called Deerstalker hats.

Step 4

We will now use facial guides to draw Pikachu’s eyes, nose, and mouth. As you can see, his facial expressions are like saying business. Draw circles on the cheeks and then move on to the next drawing step.

Step 5

We will now work on Pikachu’s body, starting with the bold arms that look fat. We also have to pull out the little hand of Detective Pacquiao.

Step 6

Go ahead and pull in the body. Continue with the liner from where you left off while drawing in your arms. Don’t forget the little mouse-like the feet.

Step 7

Now that the detective is done, we can pull him into the magnifying glass he holds in his left hand. Spend your time on this task as it can be a little difficult.

Step 8

Finally, draw a picture of the imprint that Detective Pacquiao is following. When this is done, you can delete the error and all instructions.

Step 9

Now you can complete this by filling in the colors in Spy Pikachu. He looks exactly like he does in Pokemon, the only difference being that he is wearing a deer-shaped cape.

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