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MP3 Players are classified according to how they store digital data. The most common are HARD DRIVE BASED PLAYERS and FLASH MEMORY BASED PLAYERS. The Hard Drive Based MP3 Players have the highest capacity and are larger and heavier than the Flash Memory Based MP3 Players. An example of a HARD DRIVE BASED PLAYER would be the iPod Classic 80 GB, iPod Classic 120 GB, iPod Classic 160 GB, Zune 120 GB, the Arches 80 GB 605 Wi-Fi PMP, Arches 160 GB 605 Wi-Fi PMP and the Creative Labs Zen Vision 30 GB MP3 and Video Player.

A drawback to the HARD DRIVE BASED PLAYERS is that it has moving parts that can easily malfunction if it is exposed to high temperatures or dropped. The Flash Memory Based Players are light weight and smaller than the Hard Drive Based Players. This type has no moving parts and will have longer audio playback with a storage capacity ranging from 120 to 8000 songs. An example of Flash Memory Based is the Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPod Nano or Creative Labs Zen PMP. A drawback of the Flash Memory Based is that it is more expensive than the Hard Drive Based Players even if the storage capacity is less.

Now that you’re armed with the basic information you have to determine which type is best for you. Your personal needs and budget will help you to narrow down your choice. Hard Drive vs Flash Memory. When deciding the type keep in mind what you’re using it for. For example, if you’re going to use it while jogging, then the hard drive-based player will not be a good choice because of the size, weight and high chance it will malfunction if it’s dropped.

When deciding the storage capacity also keep in mind whether you also want to play video and audio (PMP) or just audio. They also come in various storage capacities which can vary by brand. The river brands feature a 20 GB capacity. The Arches has a PMP that has 60 GB capacity. Whether you’re looking for 1 GB to 160 GB there is a brand and model to suit your needs.

Determining features is based on personal preference. Some MP3 Players/PMP have several features that may include voice recorders, calendar syncing, FM radio, wireless capability, photo storage or recording TV like a DVR player. For these particular features you may want to consider the Arches brand of PMPs. Another popular feature is color. If you’re into pink then you can get a pink mp3 player. Your options are endless it just depends on your personal needs and how much you’re willing to spend.

The more features you desire the more you’ll spend on a MP3 Player. If you’re just looking to play music and you’re not concerned about the fancy features then you can find one for under $50. For example, the SanDisk Sansa m250 2GB can be purchased for less than $35. If you’re looking for at least 4GB then iPod Nano or Creative Labs Zen Mosaic would be a good choice. Or, if price isn’t a concern and you want the “Cadillac” MP3 Player with all the bells and whistles then consider the Arches 705 Wi-Fi PMP 160 GB. After considering the type, capacity, features and your budget check out each of the above-mentioned brands to compare features and price.

Also, if you’re on a tight budget and still want fun features consider one that has been refurbished. Now you’re informed and ready to buy and enjoy your new MP3 Player. What is a personal MP3 player you may ask? It is a device that lets people listen to thousands of their favorite songs or play favorite videos (depending on the MP3 player) without having to carry a heavy “boom box.” MP3 players have made listening to music more convenient. People used to have to carry a CD player, cram all the CD’s they could in a bag and strap it on their shoulder. Ease of transportation has increased the MP3 players’ popularity today. It can play music, show videos, even have alarms and calendar functions. Personal MP3 players can also be attached to a phone with Internet service.

Our older generation never had the privilege as teenagers to listen to their favorite music wherever they went, while teenagers have that advantage today. A little history about MP3 players and how they came to be starts back in the mid 1900’s. MP3 originally came from the reference of Moving Picture Experts Group – 1 Audio Layer 3. They started on developing the MP3 player in 1959 when Richard Ehmer first came up with the idea.

At the University of Buenos Aires, Oscar Bordello started developing a PC audio card. In 1989, he introduced the first working device. Journals about this device being made were finally reported in February of 1988. At the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Karl Heinz Brandenburg began working on how people perceive music in the early 1980’s, completing his work in 1989. The first personal MP3 player ever released was September 9, 1995. Its popularity increased with Null soft’s audio player Win amp in 1997 along with the audio player mpg123. In 1999 Napster created larger, better MP3 players but eventually had to be shut down because their new MP3 player caused widespread copyright infringement.

When major record companies started arguing that free sharing of music (called music piracy) caused fewer sales, they pursued lawsuits making Napster shut down. Many retailers tried to keep people from buying the music files but in doing so, the Digital Rights Movement was created. Later some authorized services, such as Beat port, Bleep, Juno Records and eMusic began selling unrestricted music in MP3 format, thus spreading personal MP3 players all over in different stores.

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