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What Are Different Types of Environmental Noises?

Noise pollution is one of the incurable problems for all the countries of the world. Today, we are surrounded by different types of noises generated by traffic, industries, construction sites, neighbourhood, etc. The matter of concern is that with each passing day the problem is getting bigger. Despite various efforts, nobody is able to find a permanent solution. However, there are different types of sound barriers that help in reducing the impacts of such irritating sounds to a huge extent.

Sources of Noise Generation are:

Wooden Fence

Noise at Work Place

The noise at the workplace is one of the best examples of environmental noises that are generated around us. The problem with this type of sound is that it is natural and it is impossible to control it. Let us for instance talk about banks. You will agree that there is a huge gathering inside a bank including both the staff and the customers. 

The sound generated from the discussion between the staff and customers, the sounds of keyboards, is enough to generate a huge sound. As it is impossible to control the impacts of all these sounds, the bank staff and the others inside the bank are compelled to stay in such an environment.

Regular exposure to this scenario adversely affects the health of a person. The same problem is faced by the workers working in big industries. As they have to work in a noisy environment due to the sounds of machines. They suffer from different types of health issues.

To cater to this problem, there are different types of environmental noise barriers available in the market that minimize the impact of irritating sounds. Organizations, where the frequency of sound is above 80 decibels (dB), instructing to take necessary actions for protecting the health of their employees.

Sounds From Electronic Equipment

Nowadays with technical developments today we are using different types of electronic equipment to accomplish our various tasks at home and at the workplace. Whether it is the sound from a mixer, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, television, ringtones of mobile phones, sounds of printers and keyboards, etc.

Every piece of equipment we use is generating a sound. As it is impossible to control the noise generated from these sources. Installing absorptive sound barriers can help in controlling their effect and some relaxation. 

Noise Barriers

Sounds Generated at Construction Sites

In recent years there is dynamic growth in population in the entire world. It has resulted in the construction of multiple flats, offices, shopping malls, etc. As a result of this, there is hardly any place where you won’t find any construction under progress.

The use of heavy machines, tools, vehicles bringing raw materials, etc, are also responsible for generating irritating sound. The people living in such areas mostly suffer from the problems like improper sleep, hearing problems, and various types of health problems.

Going through this reason, nowadays the builders instruct to install noise barriers across their construction site. So that the sound generating from different sources can control.

Sounds from Vehicles

With an increasing population, there is an increase in the number of vehicles running on roads. Today, all of us prefer to use our vehicles even if we have to go to the market located at walking distance from our house. The increasing dependence on vehicles is resulting in an increase in the noise of vehicles. 

It would be interesting to know that even if a person is living in an area with less traffic. He also complains about the sound generated by the vehicles of delivery persons.

Today, with an increasing trend of online shopping and home delivery, there is hardly any street, where you won’t find any delivery man coming to deliver the goods. In short, it can be said, that even if we improve our habit of reducing the use of vehicles. We cannot control the sounds of vehicles used by the delivery persons.

Atmospheric Sounds:

This might surprise most people, there are lots of people who scare from the sounds generated from the atmosphere. There are some people who scare from the sounds of sky lightning, or the sounds of thundering clouds or sounds of wind storms. To get rid of this problem, lots of people put buds in their ears.

What is the solution to control noise?

Well, as it is impossible to control the sounds generated from all the above-mentioned sources. There are different types of noise barriers that install around your place. Normally these barriers work in two ways, either they reflect the sound back to the place from where it is coming or let it move above your place. There are some noise barriers that even absorb the sounds and do not let disturb anyone. This type of barrier is normally install in industries and factories. 

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