Fashion is an art form in which people can express themselves via their clothing, and in order to produce true masterpieces, you must understand all of the fundamentals and how to put them together in the most beautiful way possible. Cuts, patterns, fabrics and even collars are among the little elements that distinguish any apparel.

Collars are those things that, when combined with all the other aspects, create a genuinely distinctive item of clothing; and there are some laws to wearing them properly that you must know if you want to create amazing ensembles. Each collar type will necessitate a unique way of construction and application to the neckline and front opening finish.

History of collars

Various designs of white detachable collars were used with pastel or bright-colored shirts in solids, patterns, or stripes for work and leisure wear. In the early 1900s, when more office jobs became available, the prestige associated with a spotless white collar gave rise to the phrase “white-collar worker,” which is still used to refer to office or business professionals. Detachable collars were sometimes used by women who wore fitted suits with shirtwaists and ties.

Collars were mostly made of white during the first two decades of the twentieth century. Detachable collars were usually constructed of a different material than the shirt, such as cotton or linen. While the majority of detachable collars were made of starched cloth, subsequent collars were constructed of stiffened paper and were discarded after a few uses. Collars were fastened to the shirt using studs, one in the front and one in the rear. Detachable womens collar were popular those days. Evening outfits featured straight-standing collars for formal usage. These collars were stiff and measured two to three inches in height. 

So, to assist you, here are a compiled list of the most common varieties of women’s dress collars and how to wear them:

Mandarin collars

This collar is tiny, unfolded, and upright, with a little opening in the front. Necklaces are seldom worn with it since it is exquisite and ladylike on its own.

Peter Pan collars

The Peter Pan collar is a classic design that is quite popular in today’s fashion all around the world. It creates the illusion of a long neck and narrow shoulders by being flat, broad, and curled around your neckline. This collar is commonly found on blouses and shirts, and it is seldom paired with necklaces since it is lovely and eye-catching on its own.

Puritan collar

This large collar is worn flat on your shoulders and often extends to your elbows. It is most commonly found in blouses and vintage dresses, and it looks great with little necklaces.

Classic collar

The classic collar, the spread collar, the notched collar, and the round collar are the most common collars seen in formal, business shirts. These collars are usually found on a formal, dressy shirt and are intended to be worn with a suit. In short, many styles of collars enhance the appearance of clothing and make the top body of garments more fashionable.

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