Light issues of RangeXTD wifi Booster with Effective Solutions

The RangeXTD wifi Booster is a lightweight device that expands the range after connecting with the existing router. A 2.4 GHz Booster delivers an unmatchable speed of around 300 MBps. A power-packed device that helps you to stream videos and games without any buffering. The two inbuilt antennas increase the coverage over a wide field. Just read the signal indicator on the front LED to catch the best range for your wifi network. The Booster penetrates through the wall and covers the whole house. It reaches every edge of your building and is installed in the correct location. A universal Booster easily connects with a router. 

You can join up to 10 devices without facing coverage failure. In addition to the wireless, it also offers you to join many external devices like laptops, gaming consoles, 4K TVs, printers, etc. The wired connection generates more secure and fast internet throughput. The one-button setup takes around three to five minutes to accomplish. Other than the Booster, it can also operate as a router as well as an access point. Now we will tell you the tips and tricks to solve the light issues of the RangeXTD wireless network Booster. 

Light issues of RangeXTD wifi Booster with Effective Solutions

The RangeXTD lights many colors. There is a power LED, WPS LED, and signal strength indicator on it. It is important to affirm that the extender is in working condition. Also, check that the LED light is not showing wrong indications. If you are still getting into trouble, then here are the light issues of RangeXTD Booster with effective solutions that are discussed briefly.

WPS light and Power Light

If the red WPS light is illuminating frequently, it means the Booster is trying to connect with the router network. It becomes solid green when it successfully connects. Setup the extender perfectly to make the WPS light stable. But if it is still illuminating for more than two minutes, then try to restart the Booster. It may also be due to more than one device trying to connect with the extender. If the solid red light indicates on the WPS, then reboot the Booster and find the perfect placement. Affirm that another device is connected via ethernet cable. When the WPS light becomes solid green, that means the wifi device is successfully paired. Check the firmware update of RangeXTD. If available, then update it as soon as possible.

If the power light is off, it means the Booster is not connected successfully to the AC power. It indicates the connection could not be established. Review the connection and assure the AC socket is supplying stable current.  Evade connecting the RangeXTD Booster with the third-party router. 

Check RangeXTD wifi Booster Signal lights

The red light in the signal strength indicator shows that the signal is poor. It symbolizes the signal strength is between 0 to 25 percent. Try to move the Booster closer to the router or vice-versa. The signal penetrates through the walls. However, it is suggested to keep the Booster wavy from thick concrete walls, glasses, electromagnetic objects, etc. If the signal strength LED light is half, it indicates the Booster is catching the router signal. The connection was established successfully, but the connection is not up to mark. The signal maybe 25 to 50 percent. You may suffer buffering while streaming high-end games and HD videos. 

The full indicator on the signal strength shows the range is excellent. It shows that the signal strength is 100 percent. You don’t need to change the positions of the wifi extender as well as the router. We recommend evading too much close distance between the wifi Booster and the wireless router. Otherwise, it may extend the signal to limited space and you may suffer from bad signals. You can now enjoy the Rangextd network signal without any interruption.


We explained the technical specification as well as the features of the RangeXTD Booster. Also, the issues of power LED light, WPS, light, and signal strength indicator are discussed here with effective solutions. If you face any trouble regarding the RangeXTD Booster, check the LED status and do the above tips and tricks to solve it. Note that you had placed the extender evading the thick walls, glasses, and electromagnetic objects. When the signal strength indicator is full, you can start enjoying kinds of stuff such as gaming, streaming, and much more.

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