What are Web Applications, their process and benefits for businesses?


Web-based applications are computer program that uses websites and browser technologies to carry out tasks via the Internet.


Businesses across the world utilize the Internet to communicate with their customers in a cost-effective channel. They can exchange information with their market and conduct quick secure, safe transactions. But engaging effectively is only achievable when the company can capture and save all necessary information, and has the capability of processing the information and presenting the result to the customer.

Web applications utilize a combination of scripts on servers (PHP as well as ASP) to manage information storage, retrieval and storage data and the client side scripts (JavaScript and HTML) to display the information to users. Users can communicate with the company via online forms as well as content management systems, shopping carts and many more. Furthermore, the apps permit employees to create documents, share data as well as collaborate on projects and work on documents that are common regardless of the location or device.

What is the process of a web-based application:

Server-side scripts (PHP and ASP) are used to manage information storage, retrieval and storage data. where as, client-side scripts (JavaScript and HTML) are used to display the information to users. Certain applications are dynamic, and require server-side processing. Other applications are static and have no processing needed on the server.

The web application needs an internet server to handle the requests of the client and an application server to complete the task requested and, in some cases, an application database to save the data. Application server technologies range between ASP.NET, ASP and ColdFusion up all the way to PHP as well as JSP.

Here’s a look at what a typical flow of an application appears to be:

User initiates a request to the web server via the Internet via either through a browser on the web or through the user interface of the application.

web server sends this information to the relevant web application server.

Web Application Server completes the requested function like asking for data from the databases or processing data – and then generates the result of the request data

The Web Application Server transmits the data to the webserver with the requested data or data processed

Web servers responds on behalf of the user with requested data, which is then displayed on the user’s screen

An example of a web-based application:

Web-based applications include shopping carts, online forms Word processors, spreadsheets, video and image editing files, file conversion, scanning, as well as email programs like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. Popular programs include Google Apps and Microsoft 365.

Google Apps for Work has Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides Online storage, and much more. Additional features are online collaboration of files as well as calendars. It allows all team members to have access to the same version of the document at once.

The benefits of web-based applications:

Web applications have numerous benefits, and they have become an important need for every business. Businesses must get web app development services for their specific requirements to keep in pace with latest industry trends.

  • Web applications are compatible with different platforms, regardless of the OS or device so long as the browser supports it.
  • Users can access the exact version, removing any issues with compatibility
  • These apps don’t consume storage. Because, installation is not required for these apps.
  • They can reduce the risk of software piracy in subscription-based web-based applications (i.e. SaaS)
  • They cut costs for the user and the business because there is less support and maintenance needed by the business , and less requirements for the user’s computer


The rise in Internet usage by companies as well as individuals has altered the way companies are managed. It has resulted in wide-spread adoption of web-based apps as businesses shift away towards cloud-based or grid-based models.  However it is important to hire the best IT Company in Naples, Florida for the job. That can provide support and guidance throughout the process. Since, Web applications offer businesses the chance to streamline their processes to improve efficiency and lower costs.

The online applications like word processors, email clients spreadsheets, word processors, and other applications provide similar functionality to desktop versions. But, they also have an additional benefit of being able to work on multiple platforms, having greater reach, and being accessible from any location.

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