How to recover a Tik Tok account manually?

TikTok is one of the most popular video sharing platforms online at present. This tik tok platform is quite popular with teenagers in most countries of the world. At first, the platform did not have a large presence of people, but now it is one of the best social media platforms.

Steps to recover TikTok account Manually

There are many tik tok users who have made Tiktok a professional account for a long time and are making themselves viral in various ways on this video creation platform through their skills. You must create an account to use tiktok. There are many tiktok users whose accounts are very large with thousands of likes and followers and whose accounts are small where the number of likes and followers is very low.

In many cases a person’s account may have problems due to various reasons due to which the person is unable to log in to his TikTok account or his account may be lost. Today I will discuss a few steps that you can follow to solve this problem.

Change Password

If a person forgets the password of his tik tok account then they need to go to TikTok’s password reset system and set a new password. A lot of times people forget or for some reason delete their tiktok account but or delete. In that case, the account must be activated within 30 days as it will not be permanently deleted within 30 days.

Moreover, many times a person’s account may be blocked from TikTok for any reason such as fake followers in the account, using likes, breaking the law of tiktok, etc. Instead of using fake likes, followers, real tik tok followers, followers can be bought from like seller sites and cheap likes for ig. If for any reason the account is banned from Tiktok, you need to submit an application to tiktok and contact TikTok directly if possible.

Receive Text

To recover a deleted tik tok account you must first open the TikTok app and tap Login. To use your phone / email / username correctly tap. After giving these correctly, you need to login to your TikTok account. After logging in to the account, the person will be notified from the platform that his account has been deactivated.

When logging in, enter your phone number and tap Send a code. After a while, the code will come from the text message, you have to retrieve it and write it. After the person enters the email address and password associated with their account and taps reactivate by tapping on login, the account will be reactivated.

Temporary Locked

Normally, after deleting the TikTok account, the account will remain inactive for 30 days. Be able to recover. After 30 days, your TikTok account will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to recover the account.


Hope you understand how to recover deleted tik tok accounts. However, be careful when using your account on all platforms so that it is not deleted or damaged in any way. You can seek the help of an expert in recovering your tik tok account.

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