3 Patti Card Game Strategies in Simple Form – Must Read

3 patti, also known as tri poker or tri card, is a fun and easy game to play. It is an entertaining variation of casino poker. It has become a favorite with many because it doesn’t reach high stakes and you play with just three cards. This makes it simple and easy to understand for just about anybody. This kind of poker is similar to classic poker, but it has its own rules and peculiarities. It was invented in the year 1994 by Derek Webb and gained popularity almost immediately in many countries. 3 patti, along with being played in casinos, can also be played online. There are a number of websites where you can register and play 3 patties for free or for money.

The game is a combination of two games – Pair Plus and Ante/Play. When playing, you can choose to play either of the games or play both. In Pair Plus, the players place their bet in the center of the table. The cards are dealt by the dealer and any player who has a pair or anything better than that, wins the round. Anything less than a pair loses. Pair Plus is very simple and easier to play. If you get a straight flush, then you win a lot more with a payout of 40 – 1.

The Ante and Play 3 patti is a bit more complicated and requires skill on the player’s part. In this type, the player places an ante bet in addition to the initial bet, before he is dealt the cards. If he thinks that his hand is better than that of the dealer, then he can raise by placing an additional bet. To meet the raise made by the player, the dealer should have a qualifying hand, which means he must have a queen high combination or better to “see” the player’s hand. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, then the player wins. If the dealer qualifies, then the person with the better hand wins the game. In this poker game, you don’t need a pair to win. All you need is some luck and a higher hand than the dealer.

The main difference between 3 patti and regular poker is that in this a straight beats a flush. The reason for that is with lesser cards, the chances of getting a flush are higher than that of a straight.

It goes without saying that playing both the Pair Plus and Ante Play games together increases your chances of winning and also the amount you win. If the player’s hand consists of a straight or better, then a bonus is paid on the Ante bet, known as the Ante Bonus, to the player. This does not depend on the player’s hand or on whether he wins or loses.

The hand ranking for 3 patti is as follows:

·         Straight Flush

·         Three of a Kind

·         Straight

·         Flush

·         Pair

·         High card

Poker, in any form, is a lot of fun. Get the 3 patti rules and the strategy right and winning is a piece of cake. 3 patti is a more simple and straightforward version of the game. It is believed to be a real money spinner. 3 patti is an advantage over the traditional form as it gives more opportunities in fewer hands, especially in Texas no limit hold’em poker. Play it right and the chips pile in a matter of minutes. Play it wrong and you’re wiped out in a few tries.

It all depends on your hand. In decreasing order of merit are straight flushes, triplets, straights, flushes, pairs and singles. Note that straights are higher ranked than flushes because of the odds of making a three card straight.

Even though the house has a 3.4% advantage, the dealer has to have at least a queen to qualify. That’s what makes this game a lot more profitable and easier to win. The trick is to hold your fort till the dealer gets a bad hand, then pounce.

The main thing about this type of poker is that we need to think a lot before deciding to fold or play a hand. Since it involves three cards, the stakes are higher.

Firstly, examine the cards dealt to you carefully. Then, think about the dealer and the other players. Keep track of their hands too. Do not show any change of facial expression, for both good and bad hands. Experienced players will notice that easily.

Also remember that this is a quicker game. We need to think and think fast. The faster you make your decision, the tougher it will be for the opponent to detect any reactions from you.

Whether it is played online or in a casino, 3 patti is highly entertaining and loads of fun.

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