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Those old subway tracks are full of gold, but it will require a lot of energy and quick feet to pick them up. In Subway Surfers online, it’s Jake and his group of friends running down the track, past that aggressive guard and grab gold without being hit by an underground car. Fly down the tracks and don’t give up, because this desktop game isn’t waiting for anyone! Okay, we said desktop. As one of the most downloaded games, Subway Surfers are enjoyed by people all over the world. Now, you can continue to pat her on the pavement with the freedom of your desktop computer! Diver for the first time? No worries, because this unrestricted Subway Surfers game is easy and fun to learn, but hard to master. Let’s split the game.

At the beginning of every free subway surfers game download, you find yourself climbing the tracks with that woodcutter inspector around your neck. If you stop even for a moment, he will snatch you up with a collar, so full speed ahead no matter what, have you got it? As you run and jump down the train, you will run left and right along three lanes to avoid obstacles. You will soon find that the underground area is full of all kinds of things to run, catch, or jump. What worries you the most, after all, are the underground cars hitting the bars looking at you! Okay, you’re dealing with traffic. Why, you would not think that an underground tunnel would stop just to get gold, would you? When you talk about gold, you are not down just to be happy with risking your neck. You take as many gold coins as you can. Dash facet by means of facet, surf with your hoverboard, and do whatever else you need to do to get the loot without going to splat! And that has been your introduction to Kiloo Play Now in the web version of Subway Surfers.

 How do you collect coins from friends in Subway Surfers 2021?

Tap Connect to Facebook to Collect Friends Bonuses. The app will routinely hook up with the Facebook account associated with your tool and give you some cash; Check out your friends who are already playing Subway Surfers!

How to Add Friends to Subway Surfers?

  • Adding friends to Subway Surfers not only makes the game more fun with less friendly competitions, it also gives you cash bonuses!
  • When you hyperlink a recreation on your Facebook account, it will mechanically discover your buddies who are already gambling and streaming to you. If you presently haven’t any friends on Subway Surfers, you can usually recommend the game to them on Facebook.

Here’s how to link your Facebook account to Subway Surfers:

1. Open Subway Riders;

2. Touch the Friends icon at the bottom left of the main screen;

3. Touch Connect to Facebook to Collect Friends Bonuses. The app will mechanically connect with the Facebook account related to your tool and come up with cash

4. Check out your friends who are already playing Subway Surfers! From now on, whenever you visit the Friends section, you’ll be able to see how many runs your friends have completed.

Subway Surfers game, an endless arcade racing game. Subway Surfers is a brilliant arcade sport with an endless system. This popular article includes a cool surfing character who runs away from the police. He must cross a subway and avoid various obstacles along the way.

The controls are simple and you have to jump over different objects like underground trains. You should have a quick reaction and quick fingers. You should also collect gold coins as you progress. As you earn high scores you can unlock new and exciting characters with which you can dive into the subway!

This endless active game has users clinging to their keyboards. If you enjoy games like Angry Gran, you’ll love surfing in old temples and other places over the course of this article. Jake Tricky is the main character – take him out with different costumes and boards.

Play underground surfers today and see what high points you can sign up for. Subway surfing is a fun activity – hoverboards, smooth graphics, and solid play provide unlimited fun. Don’t forget to try Subway Surfers Bali, as well as a subway tour of Subway Surfers.

Release Date for subway workers

  • May 2012 (iOS)
  • September 2012 (Android)
  • February 2019 (WebGL)


  • The game takes place in a subway station full of trains
  • Lots of unlocking items with new affordable clothes
  • Beautiful hoverboard models
  • Prize-winning activities


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS

Final thoughts:

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